Agrimax: biorefineries: health and safety training 

Recently Agrimax partners ARCHA and CHIESA performed a training task on health and safety within a biorefinery.

Day 1 – March 18th (9 am – 1 pm)

The concepts of risk, damage, prevention, protection.

Organization of company prevention

Rights, duties, sanctions for the main company subjects.

Supervisory, control and assistance bodies (2 hours)

Physical Risks: Microclimate, Lighting, Video terminal, Manual handling of loads (2 hours)

Day 2 – March 25th (9 am – 1 pm)

Stress and work-related stress.

Regulatory framework

Stress in the workplace

Effects on the individual and on the company consequent to exposure to work-related stress risks.

The process of assessing the risk of work-related stress correlated proposed by the Guidelines of the Tuscany Region (4 hours)

Day 3 – March 30th (9 am – 1 pm)

Chemical risk (1.5 hours)

Biological risk (1.5 hours)

Physical risks: Noise and vibrations (1 hour)