Picking olive pomace and leaves – Spanish Pilot Plant update

Our partner Indulleida, a fruit producer in southern Spain and the host of our Spanish pilot plant (biorefinery) have been out in the fields picking olive pomace and leaves which are being used to develop new compounds for; antioxidant additives for food & packaging, fibres for bio-composites, aroma & carbohydrates for food additives. The Spanish plant will also process potato waste which will be used for additives, flavourings and aroma’s in the food sector.

The biorefinery is adopting novel methods for coordinating and managing the provision of waste feedstocks to the pilot plant. The plants are designed to accept multiple feedstocks and an online stakeholder platform, developed by the Spanish engineering company IRIS, will coordinate the provision of waste from many regional producers. This will help maximise the use of the pilot plants throughout the year and address seasonal and regional fluctuations, thereby maximising efficiency and profitability.

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