Composting trial begins – Italian Pilot Plant update

As the construction of our Italian pilot plant enters its final phase, the project partners are now developing biocompounds for applications in the food-packaging, food, chemical and agricultural sectors.

At our pilot plant located in the North of Italy (at family run farm Chiesa) we are ready to start processing waste from tomatoes and cereals to produce biobased products such as lycopene, ferulic acid, cutin, and hydrocompost.

Recently the project partners which includes the University of Almeria in Spain have begun collecting the raw materials (tomatoes and cereals) for a trial to determine the conditions needed to develop high-value fertilisers for the agricultural sector, this trial will compare our advanced hydrocompost to conventional compost and fertilisers that are available on the market.

The biorefinery is adopting novel methods for coordinating and managing the provision of waste feedstocks to the pilot plant. The plants are designed to accept multiple feedstocks and an online stakeholder platform and will coordinate the provision of waste from many regional producers. This will help maximise the use of the pilot plants throughout the year and address seasonal and regional fluctuations, thereby maximising efficiency and profitability.

For further updates on the biorefineries keep an eye on our website and Twitter feed. If you are interested in converting your wastes or testing our products, please get in touch with us!