Agrimax at the Sustainable and circular Bioeconomy, the European way event

Monday 22 October 2018, Brussels, Belgium

UK Agrimax partner BioVale will be exhibiting Agrimax biobased samples at this event and will be available to discuss the project in more detail.

The conference will focus on the need to have a sustainable and circular bioeconomy to enhance the transition in a changed EU policy context and towards a new environmental, social and economic reality. It will also set the scene for the start of the discussion about synergetic actions across different priority areas:

  • support strategic research and innovation, and strengthen support for education and training,
  • upscale the bio-based sectors, mobilise investments, support the creation of markets, develop better monitoring,
  • encourage the adoption, update and coherence of national and regional Bioeconomy Strategies throughout Europe with citizens engagement,
  • strengthen the understanding and resilience of land and sea ecosystems,
  • monitoring and assessment of bioeconomy development

During the event, Agrimax will take part in the bioeconomy corner which will showcase tangible bio-based products for the food-packaging, chemical and farming sectors.

Register here (first come first served basis)