We are excited to announce we have a date for our ESOF session: Let’s talk rubbish: creating value from crop and food waste.

Wednesday 11th July 2018, 8.45am – 10am, Congress Venue Buildings, Toulouse, France

ESOF 2018

To ensure sustainable growth, Europe is encouraging the replacement of fossil fuel-based products with sustainable alternatives from renewable, biological sources. But how can we supply an increasing world population with food and other bio-based materials from a finite area of agricultural land? Part of the solution must lie in making more from waste. In Europe alone around 90 million tonnes of food and 700 million tonnes of crop are wasted every year.

From across Europe, researchers and technologists are developing new ways to produce a wide range of innovative products from unavoidable agricultural, horticultural and food processing waste including functional foods, active packaging, biodegradable materials, fertilisers and biofuels.

The ESOF panel – including representatives from two EU-funded projects, Agrimax and Agrocycle will consist of:

Dr Elodie Bugnicourt, IRIS (Agrimax)

Professor Stefaan De Neve, Gent University (Agrimax)

Eoin White, University College Dublin (Agrocycle)

Dr. Stephan Piotrowski, Nova-Institut

The session will be facilitated by Elspeth Bartlet, BioVale. The audience will be invited to explore the issues around value from agri-food waste with the speakers. If you would like to submit a question to one of the panel lists, please email it to emma.needham@biovale.org

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